Finding Effective Solutions for Mental Health: Best CBD Against Depression

Finding Effective Solutions for Mental Health: Best CBD Against Depression

Over the last few years, the use of Cannabis and its components have been a constant topic of discussion in the world and society. Regardless of the recreational consumption of the plant, something that we can't deny is the fact that one of the components that come from the plant, which is CBD, counts with a lot of healing benefits, between them Depression. A condition that daily takes people's life. That is why we are going to talk about what are some of the benefits that CBD has against this condition and some other benefits that are brought by its consumption. 

What is depression? 

First of all, we need to understand where depression comes from, and some of the principal symptoms an individual can have when going through this condition.

Depression is a serious and very common medical condition that affects your emotions, the way you think, and your actions. The most common feelings depression can provoke in an individual are sadness and a loss of interest in the daily activities you usually used to enjoy.  Serious depression symptoms can also lead to diverse physical, psychological, and emotional problems and in some cases, decrease your function and ability at home and at work.  

Depression symptoms 

Depression can be experienced in different ways and levels, but some of the most common symptoms when a person is suffering from this condition are the following: 

  • Constantly feeling sad without any reason or with a depressed mood 
  • Change in appetite ( losing or gaining weight without any specific dieting) 
  • Increased fatigue 
  • Energy loss
  • Complications with thinking, making decisions, or concentrating on an activity. 

Impact of Depression on Mental Health 

As we said before,  a person that suffers from depression can feel emotionally, physically, and psychologically affected in different ways. Unfortunately, it is a condition that in the worst cases, can make you make decisions that will attempt your life. Mental Health is not a game, especially if you live with a condition that can affect your way of thinking and emotions in a radical way. That is why it is important for you to ask for professional help if you feel that you might be going through this condition. 

CBD against Depression 

To have a better understanding of the impact of Depression on Mental Health, we need to talk about CBD, its components, and how they function against Depression.

We must remember that CBD is an active ingredient in cannabis. Being an essential component of medical marijuana, this component has been proven in different ways, and has been found that in humans, CBD shows no effects that might be indicative of any dependence potential or abuse. 

In most parts of the United States, CBD can be offered as a product for medical treatment. And most importantly, it has been shown that CBD has a lot of benefits for a diverse variety of health issues. Because of its components, CBD has properties that actually can help with the negative feelings and emotions a person might be experiencing from depression. We are going to give a brief explanation about it. 

Benefits of CBD for Depression

There has been a lot of investigation when it comes to the research of the benefits of CBD against Depression. And it has been found that CBD components actually can alter serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is related to stress, emotional regulation, and the mood of an individual. 

A 2018 medical study was made for users that needed to track their symptoms and doses with the consumption of CBD in order to analyze the results afterward. By the end of the study, it was shown that CBD components in fact helped to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety symptoms by at least 50%.

Talking about CBD…

Now that we have talked about some of the benefits that CBD can bring to Mental Health, you probably must be wondering which type of CBD is the best one when it comes to depression treatment. But before moving on to that, always remember that before consuming any type of CBD presentation, it is always advisable to ask your doctor's opinion about it. As CBD it is not advisable if you are already taking certain types of medications. Clarifying that, let's move on to the best type of CBD when it comes to depression Treatment 

Full Spectrum CBD

When it comes to the treatment of Depression, it has been shown that the best type of CBD to purchase and consume is the Full Spectrum CBD, that is because it provides a higher sensation of relief for depression and anxiety symptoms than other isolates. Because Full Spectrum CBD contains components that other types of CBD may have in smaller percentages. 

Full Spectrum CBD is a term used to describe CBD products that contain all the terpenes and cannabinoids that are in the plant, including CBG, CBC, CBD, and CBN. It also contains many other beneficial elements such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. That is why Full Spectrum is believed to be the best type of CBD to treat depression symptoms. 

CBD products

Full Spectrum CBD can be found in different presentations, which is why we are going to mention some of the products you can get for you to treat depression and anxiety symptoms: 

  • CBD oil: This is a natural and popular remedy for different conditions. CBD oil benefits include relaxation and pain relief.
  • CBD Vape: CBD vape can offer diverse potential benefits for the treatment of depression symptoms, between them we can find reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and improving mood. 
  • CBD capsules: CBD capsules are another way in which you can purchase your CBD doses, having similar benefits to CBD oil, CBD capsules are proven to be helpful with pain relief and reducing the stress of an individual

CBD Studies Against Depression 

We can find online a diverse amount of studies that have proven the effectiveness of CBD products against anxiety and Depression conditions. In this case, we are focusing on a study that was made back in 2019 with the purpose of studying the effects of CBD in an individual with multiple substance use disorders and suffering from severe depression, narcissistic personality, and social phobia. 

By administering to the patient CBD capsules in different dosages, it was found that after different treatments with antidepressants, CBD was a safe and well-tolerated treatment for the patient, making a positive effect in the improvement of his depressing condition. Being the first report of CBD medication in a patient with multiple substances, by the end of the eight weeks of treatment there was an improvement not only in his depression and other personality conditions, but it also ended up in the patient quitting the abuse of other illegal drugs.    

As you may have seen already, there are a lot of benefits that come with the consumption of CBD against Depression. That is why it is important to start taking care of ourselves and take the appropriate treatments and medication when our Mental Wellness gets compromised by a condition like depression. 

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