CBD and Epilepsy, a natural treatment.

CBD and Epilepsy, a natural treatment.

CBD has been proven throughout the decades to be an oil provided naturally by the Cannabis plant, useful in the treatment of diverse diseases and symptoms. We can't deny that it is an oil that came to change the perspective of how we look at the plant components and also to see all of the different usages that we can give to it.

Is there something else we don't know about CBD oils and how can they be used to help with different health issues? A lot has been said about CBD and the benefits that it brings to epilepsy treatment, that is why we are going to discover and talk about some of the CBD oil elements and its approach to epilepsy symptoms. 

Cannabidiol and Epilepsy 

CBD is a relatively new and natural component that has been used in different studies to see its effects against symptoms for different conditions. As medicine keeps discovering more and more factors and utilities for CBD oil, it is almost certain that we are far from discovering all the benefits that oils can give to our health. 

Research has been made about the effects of CBD oils against some types of epilepsy and its symptoms, being proven that it actually can help to ease down some of the symptoms, we are going to dig a little bit more into it as we keep moving on through the article. 

Understanding Epilepsy 

Before digging into the cbd oil effects against epilepsy symptoms, it is important to first understand what exactly is epilepsy, some of the symptoms, and what it can do to an individual that lives with the condition. 

What is Epilepsy? 

Epilepsy is commonly known as one of the most common neurological disorders. According to the World Health Organization, around 50 million people worldwide live with Epilepsy. Epilepsy may be the result of an acquired brain injury or due to a genetic disorder, such as a stroke or trauma. Epilepsy can affect people of all races, genders, and ages. 

Effects of Epilepsy on the body and brain 

Epilepsy has different effects on the brain and the body. One of the most common symptoms however is experimenting with recurring seizures. There are different types of Epilepsy and there is not a clear panorama about how often the seizures symptoms are present in a person. 

A strong episode of seizures can also lead to the loss of attention, memory, and attention. 

Treatment limitations

Even though there are a variety of medications and treatments that may help with epilepsy symptoms and reduce seizure episodes, unfortunately, there is still no cure for this neurological disorder, that is why it is so important to look out for people that live with this condition. 

Understanding epilepsy and how it affects an individual may give you a better understanding of why it is so important to keep searching for methods and ways to decrease epilepsy symptoms and hopefully, at some point, a way to cure it. But now it is time to talk about CBD oils and their benefits against Epilepsy

A quick look at CBD

Cannabidiol (also known as CBD) is a chemical compound in the cannabis plant. Even though there have been different opinions and thoughts about the compound, it has been shown at different times that CBD is actually helpful and useful in the treatment of many other symptoms and disorders such as depression and anxiety. Even though it is a relatively new element, cannabidiol products have proven to be successful in different ways, and with Epilepsy symptoms it wasn't the exception. 

Potential therapeutic benefits 

CBD oils count with a lot of therapeutic benefits, we can put as an example its function of helping to relieve pain, reduce symptoms of diverse mental health disorders, and ease anxiety and stress symptoms. 

CBD and Epilepsy 

Epilepsy is one of the mental health disorders that have been studied with CBD oil treatments and products, and even though there is still some research that needs to be done, several persons and studies have shown that CBD oils and products actually can help with epilepsy symptoms and treatments. 

Mechanism of action

Thanks to all the information and studies that have been made about the CBD oil effects in Epilepsy symptoms, it has been shown that cannabinoids contain neuroactive properties that might be responsible for helping with epilepsy and other mental health illness treatments.  CBD has been also proven to decrease inflammation, be useful against neuronal loss in the brain, and act as an antioxidant, among other beneficial effects on the brain. 

Even if it's not the solution medicine is looking for, just discovering all this information has been an important discovery, especially for people that live with this or any other mental health disorder. Let's see an example of a study made about CBD and Epilepsy. 

CBD Research Studies 

Some data was collected as a part of the cohort study conducted by Realm of Caring Foundation, a non-profit organization with the objective of researching the cannabinoid effects in diverse mental illness treatments. 

Participants were recruited using patient registers from their own foundation. Some registered patients were already using a CBD product, and some of them were already considering using CBD oil products as a way of treatment.

The study took place between 2016 and 2020, and all the participants completed a web-based survey that measured several health content areas. 93% of the participants reported epilepsy as the main medical condition, and the rest of them reported epilepsy as a secondary medical condition. 

The result of the research study showed that 49% percent of the participants reported no past month generalized seizures, while another 41% showed no past month non-generalized seizure types. 

People that were using artisanal CBD products and oils also reported lower epilepsy medication-related adverse effects 

Professionals opinion

We have been able to talk about what is epilepsy and its symptoms and effects on the body, and also about what are the CBD oils and components that can help patients that suffer from epilepsy. But even with all the information that we have been able to provide to you, it is always better to ask for a professional opinion when it comes to the use of CBD as a treatment for Epilepsy. That is why we encourage you to ask for your doctor's opinion before using CBD as a way of treatment for any mental disorder. 


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