Balanced Essentials Kids Complete Liquid Multi-Vitamin

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Directions: 1/2oz Daily. Shake well. Best if taken with food. Refrigerate after opening.
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Dairy Free
Dairy Free
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Dye Free
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Gluten Free
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Balanced Essentials Kids is a complete liquid Multi-Vitamin specially formulated for a child's nutritional needs. Just ½ oz per day contains Vitamins, Minerals, Aminos, Omegas and a Fruit & Vegetable Blend providing balanced nutrition for optimal health, performance, and energy. Even the pickiest eaters will enjoy the great Mixed Berry flavor. Balanced Essentials Kids liquid vitamins offer higher absorption rates with the fewest inactive ingredients than capsules, tablets, or gummies. This nutrient-dense formula supports childrenʼs health and growth while boosting their immune system. Only containing what the body needs, there are no dyes, dairy, gluten, or unnecessary fillers.

Proven Ingredients

Omega 3, 6, 9 Essential Fatty Acids are naturally occuring unsaturated fats that are not produced by the body but are essential for your child's optimal health. 62 Major, Trace and Ultra-Trace Minerals. The proper balance of minerals is a vital factor in your kid's health and wellness. 13 High Quality Full Spectrum vitamins including critical antioxidants A, natural Vitamin E and C to help fight the free radical damage and help promote healthy development and growth. Vitamin C Antioxidant and maintaining overall health.

There is NO Equal!

  • Zinc - For immune health.
  • Magnesium - For better concentration and sleep.
  • Calcium - For strong bones and teeth.
  • Folate - For brain development and function.
  • Potassium - For development and muscle function.
  • Vitamin D - For bone growth and immunity.

Special Information

Great tasting Mixed Berry flavor that even the pickiest eaters will enjoy. Higher absorption rate compared to gummies, capsules, or tablets to ensure optimal intake of each ingredient. Recommended Age range for Balanced Essentials Kids - 2 to 17 years of age. Dairy free. Gluten free. No dyes. Kid approved.


While most children love the amazing taste of Balanced Essentials Kids, it can also be mixed in their favorite smoothie or juice.