Hydrate48 vs Water, which one to choose?

Hydrate48 vs Water, which one to choose?

Making a Decision

When we dehydrate, automatically, our mind goes directly to the idea of drinking water, and water is always going to be a good option for individuals to stay hydrated and healthy. However, there are times when we need more than just water to stay healthy and with all the minerals and vitamins that we need. When we reach a certain point of dehydration, hydration powders are a better idea for us to recover all the electrolytes lost that we tempt to have during our daily life.

In that case, when is it better to consume electrolyte powder, and when is it a better idea to just drink bottled water? We are here to find out more about Hydrate48, an electrolyte powder that comes with a lot of vitamins and minerals that are essential for our body. Likewise, we are going to dig into all the water benefits for our health, and on which occasions is it better to consume an electrolyte drink instead of plain water.

What is electrolyte powder?

Before we can start comparing both elements, it is important to first understand what an electrolyte powder or hydration powder is. An electrolyte powder is a substance that contains essential electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, that are fundamental for rehydrating our bodies after a long exercise workout or when we are in an advanced dehydration state. But that's not it, hydration powders also help to regulate the fluid balance within the body. When we start consuming hydration powders, we can expect not only a better hydration drink that will make us feel higher energy levels but also a drink with the essential minerals that our body needs to work properly.

Benefits of Electrolyte Powder

Besides providing you with a boost of electrolytes and other nutrients like vitamin C and elements like calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium, many other advantages come with the consumption of hydration drinks, let's see some of them

Improves Exercise Performance

One of the many benefits that hydration powder provides is that it keeps us in a better shape for us to work even better in strong exercise routines and performances. As amazing as it may sound, just losing one to two percent of our body weight in sweets is enough for us to start losing concentration, speed, and strength.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety and stress reduction are other benefits that come with drinking electrolyte powders. Hydration packets containing big amounts of Magnesium will help you reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

Maintain Cellular Health

Because hydration powder contains lots of minerals and vitamins, they transport nutrients into your body cells and clear your body's cells faster when there is some kind of waste.

Why is hydration powder important for our health?

Besides providing you with the electrolyte replacement you need after a strong workout session or a long period of dehydration. Electrolyte powder also provides us with other vitamins that our body will use later on as a font of extra boost of energy and nutrients for us.

Listen to your body

Believe it or not, there are times and moments when our bodies give us signs of dehydration, and we are not just talking about that sensation when we feel thirsty, like we mentioned before, lack of focus and energy are also signs that you need to replace the essential electrolytes lost for you to be able to continue your activities properly.

Purchasing powder packets is a good beginning for you to start in the hydration drinks world. But it is not just about buying any electrolyte powder, some products offer a better experience and effects than others, that is why we are here to talk about one of the most amazing hydration powders that will work perfectly in any scenario, Hydrate48.


Hydrate 48 is a hydration and electrolyte powder that contains many of the vitamins and minerals our body needs for proper hydration. Having a perfect balance between electrolytes and components like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and zinc, this hydration mix is ideal for people that need an electrolyte boost and want to recover all the vitamins and minerals our body loses with daily activities.

The sugar-free formula of Hydrate 48 is perfect if you want an all-natural hydrating product that will work on your electrolyte replacement, prevent muscle cramping and have a rapid absorption effect that will allow you to continue with your life in a normal way.

Without artificial sweeteners and added sugar, Hydrate48 provides an electrolyte powder that dissolves quickly and as well, rehydrates your body with all the natural components and elements it needs with a great taste.

Compared with other sports drinks, Hydrate48 provides not only a sugar-free experience, but also is a gluten-free product that will come up perfectly either if you want it just to stay hydrated after a training session, or if you need extra supports electrolytes for when you are feeling sick, are tired, or even with a hangover.

Now that we have seen all the benefits that Hydrate48 and other hydration drinks can provide to our health, it is time to explore all the water elements.

Let's talk about water

Water is one of the most important liquids for proper hydration. Since most of our body is made out of liquid, more specifically made out of water. Without accurate water consumption, our body is going to start presenting problems and dehydration symptoms that we must not ignore.

Water for the body

On a regular day, a person should drink between two and three liters of water to keep the body functioning correctly and avoid dehydration. Even though water is not going to quickly rehydrate as a hydration powder would do, a glass of cold water during the day before breakfast or a water bottle during lunch is always going to be a good idea. Plus you don't have to worry about how much water you can drink if you are taking care of yourself, since water is a calorie-free method of hydration.

Daily Hydration

Proper daily hydration with water will always come as beneficial for your body, even though plain water is always the best option if you prefer to drink something with more flavor, there are many other drinks you can try that are made out mostly of water, such as:

  • Coconut water
  • Water flavored with fruits
  • Citrus beverages mixed with water

Importance of drinking water

Even though it might sound a little too obvious, drinking enough water during the day is something that we must do every single day. Having proper hydration with water will help you not only to feel better but also to avoid other discomfort situations that can appear due to inappropriate hydration. By drinking enough water you are helping your body not only to stay in good health, but you are also providing yourself with other benefits like:

  • Maximizing your physical performance
  • Prevent and treat headaches
  • Treat kidney stones

These are just some elements and benefits that come with appropriate hydration and correct water consumption. But be sure that water brings many other benefits to your health and wellness in every single way.

Appropriate hydration, better lifestyle

Now that you have seen how important it is to always stay hydrated, you understand that it is crucial for our health to always maintain good hydration levels. We must always try to maintain a balance in our liquid consumption, and if we ever feel dehydrated, all the rehydration qualities that can come from consuming an electrolyte drink. So, what are the differences and similarities between water and Hydrate48? Let's find out...

Water and Hydrate48 similarities

Besides providing you with the liquid and minerals that you need, there are some things that water and Hydrate48 share, like the following:

  • Better performance in your exercise and daily routines
  • Proper hydration for your muscles and body
  • Boost your energy and provide you with vitamins and minerals
  • Prevent diverse symptoms and diseases

These are just some similarities that water and Hydrate48 share, but of course there are some differences that we also need to highlight

Water and Hydrate48 differences

Even though both will help you to keep you hydrated and healthy, there are some differences between water and the hydration drink we must also point at

  • Hydrate48 quickly rehydrate effect gives you a bigger amount of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals
  • Compared to water, powder packets can not be drunk at any time or moment
  • According to your dehydration state, one drink will be more helpful to you than the other.

And the winner is...

After all the elements we have been analyzing and discussing between Hydrate48 and water, we can say that Hydrate48 is a better option for people that often suffers from a high level of dehydration, needs a really big amount of electrolytes boost and vitamins, or performs any kind of sport or activity that demands big amounts of physical and mental energy.

As well as different from the electrolyte drink, water is an element that can never disappear from our meals and lives, we must remember that water is the fundamental element of life. So if we want to keep a healthy lifestyle and proper energy levels, daily consumption of water is for us to feel good.


At Wellgenix, providing you with the best hydration products is always our main goal. That is why we encourage you to get to know us and our product, if you are looking for an electrolyte drink that will boost your energy and provide you with all the vitamins and minerals you need, Hydrate48 is for you.

If you are curious to know more about Wellgenix products and work, here is a link that will take you to another article that explains more about Hydrate48